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article image Portable biometrics solution.

MICROLATCH has announced the latest addition to its wireless fingerprint products and solutions -- the wireless fingerprint key fob.

This new product combines the experience and technology enjoyed by its wall-mounted biometrics solution.

The key fob is a portable biometrics solution that can be used for office entry, home and garage, alarm panel wireless operation and automobile entry, and many other applications.

The Microlatch product range extends the customer base to include car companies, high security access control companies (due to inclusion of wiegand data within the fingerprint key fob microprocessor) and residential or small commercial, including other specialist areas for license control and operation of vehicles and machines.

Microltach CEO Chris Burke said the main area of opportunity appeared to be with automotive, offering both secure access to vehicle and alarm on/off functions.

"When this is combined with applications at home, in the office, garage personal computers or networks etc., the device will pay for itself immediately."

The fingerprint key fob offers a single user identification device for every day needs. The loss or theft of the device (key fob) will not allow any other person to use it due to the requirement for the owner's personal finger template to control the wireless output communication.

The wireless output acts as a standard key fob and thereby can replace all existing key fob or 'remote control' requirements.

The communications output is a rolling code, non-replayable, secure encrypted signal that cannot be intercepted, modified or copied.

"The fingerprint key fob may be the most useful device for personnel identification ever invented," Chris said. "Our company has experienced a huge requirement after displaying the product at recent exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and China."

The internal addition of wiegand data (exclusive to the access control industry) will offer immediate combination with access systems for large buildings, government and military establishments, plus high level access to secure information and use of company vehicles etc, or licensed specialist vehicles.

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