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Two baseline 8-bit flash PIC microcontrollers with non-volatile flash data memory from Microchip Technology

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Microchip Technology , provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, has introduced the first two baseline 8-bit flash PIC microcontrollers with non-volatile Flash Data Memory (FDM) in 8- and 14- pin packages. These additions supplement the variety of integrated low pin count microcontrollers in the baseline PIC microcontroller family.

With the availability of 64 bytes of data memory,  engineers now have a diverse feature set to select from when integrating digital intelligence in low-cost applications. The 8-bit flash PIC microcontrollers are combined with an 8 MHz internal oscillator, a Device Reset Timer (DRT), up to three channels of 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Conversion (ADC) and up to two comparators. 

Design engineers are constantly looking for effective ways to increase functionality, without having to add complexity to their designs. Through the integration of FDM and analog functionality onto its Baseline 8- and 14- pin microcontrollers, Microchip’s PIC 12 F519 (8-pin) and PIC 16F 526 (14-pin) provide an effective option for many design engineers to store configuration and calibration data, counters or small look-up tables without external non-volatile memory.

Additionally, designers can replace discrete analog components with the digital intelligence and re-programmability of a microcontroller. The baseline family of PIC microcontrollers remains an effective and easy  to use solution for embedded-control functions and systems.

The addition of the Flash Data Memory further reduces the total cost for many entry level applications.

Other significant features of the PIC 12F 519 and PIC 16F 526 include:

  • 64 bytes of non-volatile Flash Data Memory
  • 1K instructions (x12-bit program words) of Flash program memory
  • 41 bytes to 67 bytes of data RAM memory
  • Up to two comparators
  • Up to 3 channels of 8-bit ADC
  • 1.125 ms DRT
  • Precision internal oscillator, operating at up to 8 MHz
  • 25 mA source/sink current IO
  • Low power (100 nA) sleep current
  • Wide operating voltage range from 2 to 5.5 volts
  • One 8-bit timer, and one watchdog timer
  • In Circuit Srial Programming (ICSP) technology for programming after placement on a board
  • Package sizes as small as 2x3 mm DFN

The new baseline PIC microcontrollers form the basic building blocks for a wide variety of systems across a broad range of markets. Their integrated memory and analog functionality makes these microcontrollers well suited for applications such as battry-operated products, power supplies  and identification tags.

Additional example applications for the baseline PIC microcontroller family include:

  • Consumer electronics (standby power control, power-sequencing infrared receivers, handheld products, device authentication);
  • Mechatronics (includes smart switches, mode selectors, remote I/Os, electric pumps, compressors);
  • Home automation (light switching and dimming, thermostats, security systems); 
  • Small home appliances (blenders, toasters, coffee machines and electronic toothbrushes).

Both devices are available today in the package optioned below for general sampling and volume production. Microchip’s suite of MPLAB development tools supports these microcontrollers, including the PICkit 2 series of starter kits.

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