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Microchip Technology unveils industry's first 1.5A LDO

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Microchip Technology Inc, a leading provider of microcontroller and analogue semiconductors, has unveiled the industry's first 1.5A LDO that incorporates shutdown, power good, programmable power good delay and bond wire compensation on a single chip. 
LDO is ceramic output capacitor stable to enable smaller designs at lower costs. The MCP1727 is a highly efficient, low power LDO that provides high output current and low output voltage in small, thermally capable packages (8-pin SOIC or 3 mm x 3 mm DFN). With this combination of features, the MCP1727 is ideally suited for powering a variety of high performance embedded processors and next-generation logic cores. 
The push for smaller geometry processing technology has created a new class of advanced CPUs and logic cores that require higher operating currents and lower core voltages. With output voltage down to 0.8V and output current up to 1.5A, the MCP1727 is equipped to power these types of systems. The device's dropout voltage of 300 mV (typical) at full load current provides a low voltage differential, and its quiescent current of 140 µA (typical) enables low power consumption during regulation. Additionally, the MCP1727 offers a shutdown feature that enables it to be controlled by system control logics, and ceramic output capacitor stability leads to smaller, more efficient and cost-effective designs. 
The MCP1727 also has an output voltage sense feedback pin that is used for bond wire compensation, which allows the device's bond wire to compensate for output voltage changes, enabling faster, more accurate output voltage regulation. The power good output with user programmable delay gives designers the flexibility to program system delays across a wider timeframe, for a more broad range of system applications. Its adjustable output voltage feature helps to reduce customer inventory levels. 
Applications for the MCP1727 include high-performance embedded processors and next-generation logic cores like those found in computer applications (PC motherboards, add-in cards, graphics processor cards); consumer applications (game consoles, liquid crystal display [LCD] projection devices, high-end television devices, digital set-top boxes); as well as industrial and power-supply applications (switch-mode power-supply [SMPS] post-regulators and automated control). 
Development Tools
Microchip offers the MCP1726 1A LDO Evaluation Board (Part # MCP1726EV) that can be used to support development using the MCP1727. The board enables designers to evaluate the MCP1727 with the power good output, shutdown input and power good delay features. 
The MCP1727 is available for sampling and volume production.

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