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Microchip Technology launches general-purpose, high-performance 8-bit microcontroller

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article image 12-member PIC18F87J11

Microchip Technology one of the leading providers of microcontroller and analogue semiconductors, launches the 12-member PIC18F87J11 general-purpose, high-performance 8-bit microcontroller family, which offers up to 20% greater performance with 12 MIPS (48 MHz), enhanced peripherals and lower sleep power consumption.

With its breadth of family members, the PIC18F87J11 also provides a wide range of program memory and peripherals, ranging from cost effective to feature rich. PIC18F87J11 family provides more performance, peripherals and memory endurance with lower power consumption, while reducing costs.

Microchip is expanding its 3V PIC18F J-series of 8-bit microcontrollers to address cost-sensitive markets requiring high performance. Additionally, the PIC18F87J11 general-purpose family includes nanoWatt Technology for low power consumption in sleep mode, as low as 100 nA, which is ideal for battery-powered applications. The PIC18F87J11 is one of the first 8-bit microcontrollers to provide the parallel master port for connection to external memory and displays.

According to Microchip, the new PIC18F87J11 family provides more integration and performance, while continuing to provide a new benchmark in price-performance for high-end 8-bit microcontrollers. By undertaking this expansion of its high-performance 8-bit microcontroller portfolio, Microchip continues to demonstrate its commitment to meeting customer needs for complex and cost-sensitive markets.

Example Applications

  • Consumer and Appliance: wireless Internet-enabled appliances, hands-free cell phone adapters, white good appliances, game controllers, cappuccino machines, two-way pagers
  • Industrial: TCP/IP interfaces, home-alarm/security-system keypads, server power-supply and temperature controllers, power-meter hubs, security panels, data logging, central AC communication controllers
  • Automotive: car alarms
  • Medical: bio-flow meters, patient monitors

Key Features

  • 8 to 128 Kbytes of self-programmable Flash in 64- and 80-pin TQFP packages, with up to 10k erase-write cycles
  • First 8-bit MCU with Parallel Master Port for flexible connection to external memory and displays
  • Multiple communication channels including up to 2 SPI/I2C, 2 UART and 5 PWM modules
  • Up to 12 MIPS at 3V
  • 5V Tolerant digital I/O
  • 8 MHz Internal Oscillator and 4x PLL for up to 32 MHz operation, without an external clock source
  • Low-power sleep mode

Development tools

To reduce time-to-market, all 12 members of the PIC18F87J11 microcontroller family is supported by Microchip's standard, high-performance development systems, including: the free MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with Visual Device Initialiser, MPLAB C18 C Compiler, MPLAB ICD 2 In-Circuit Debugger, and the PICDEM HPC Explorer Board (part # DM183022) - via separate plug-in modules. A PICDEM HPC Explorer plug-in module for the PIC18F87J11 is expected to be available in March (part # MA180020).


The 12-member PIC18F87J11 family is offered in 64- or 80-pin TQFP package options, and all are available now for sampling. Volume-production is expected in March.

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