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Microchip Technology launches MCP1631 2 MHz Pulse-Width Modulator

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article image MCP1631 2 MHz Pulse-Width Modulator

Microchip Technology  a provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, announced the MCP1631 2.0 MHz, high-speed Pulse Width Modulator (PWM).

The MCP1631 Pulse Width Modulator is an highly integrated device that contains a 1A integrated MOSFET driver, high-speed comparator for over-voltage protection, and both battery-current and voltage-sense amplifiers in one small package.

Protection features, such as undervoltage lockout and overtemperature protection, come standard with the Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) which is capable of charging multiple battery chemistries, including Li-Ion, NiHM, NiCd and lead acid.

The MCP1631 Pulse Width Modulator provides a means to close the feedback loop in Switch-Mode Power Supplies (SMPSs) that use microcontrollers for general system intelligence and control. The integration of the Pulse Width Modulator's SMPS input and output interface via its voltage comparator, battery-voltage and current-sense amplifiers, plus its 1A MOSFET driver, enable designers to use this single device to perform many different functions in their designs. The result is a smaller design footprint and lower overall cost.

Additionally, the MCP1631 Pulse Width Modulator is controlled by a microcontroller that is easily programmable, meaning that exact charge profiles for a variety of battery-charging systems can be accurately met, while closing the feedback loop with the speed and precision needed for safe charging and long battery life.

The Pulse Width Modulator's Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) and over-temperature protection features enhance the safety of battery-charger designs.

MCP1631 Pulse Width Modulator is a device for the switch-mode power arena that recognizes and simplifies bringing digital control into the analog world. The product further exemplifies Microchip's commitment to the intelligent power-supply and battery-charging markets.

The MCP1631 Pulse Width Modulator offers a unique partition of SMPS functions. Recognizing the complexity of closing the feedback loop in such control architectures, the Pulse Width Modulator provides a means for doing so, while using a microcontroller for system control.

High-voltage versions of the MCP1631 Pulse Width Modulator are available (MCP1631HV), which operate from 6V to 16V and include a Linear Regulator (LDO). The standard versions of the device operate from 3V to 5.5V, and do not include a LDO.

Possible applications include handheld medical, consumer and industrial electronic devices that require power management and SMPS technology, with a focus on battery charging.

Examples include intelligent power supplies, smart battery chargers, RF remote devices, handheld scanners, parallel power supplies and AC power factor correction.

Development support:

The MCP1631 battery charger reference design (MCP1631RD-MCC1) is available, to help designers evaluate the MCP1631HV in their applications. The design includes a PIC16F883 microcontroller, which generates the proper charge algorithm and selects the battery type and number of cells for the application. The MCP1631 battery charger reference design operates from a 12V input and is capable of charging 1- or 2- cell Li-Ion, or 1 - 4 NiMH batteries in series.

Packaging and availability:

Pulse Width Modulator is available in ultra small 4 mm x 4 mm QFN package, as well as in standard 20-pin TSSOP and SSOP packages which meets the needs of compact, cutting-edge designs, as well as traditional designs.

For applications where complete digital control of the power-conversion feedback loop is appropriate, Microchip offers a family of 16-bit dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) for SMPSs and digital power conversion.

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