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Microchip Technology expands programmable amplifiers’ portfolio

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Microchip Technology, a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, announced it has expanded its portfolio of programmable amplifiers with a family of 900 kHz, selectable-gain amplifiers. The MCP6G01, MCP6G02, MCP6G03 and MCP6G04 (MCP6G0x) are the first amplifiers with a gain-select pin in place of a negative-input-pin, enabling digital gain control for better system accuracy and dynamic range. The new amplifiers can be used as drop-in replacements for op amps, microcontroller-controlled amplifiers or as stand-alone gain blocks and eliminate the need for external resistors. This leads to reduced component count, design size and costs. 

The MCP6G0x amplifiers feature a low-voltage operation range of 1.8V to 5.5V, low quiescent current of 110 microamperes and a high Gain Bandwidth Product (GBWP) of 350 kHz for 10 V/V, 250 kHz for 50 V/V and 900 kHz at 1 V/V. With less than one per cent gain error, they have lower gain error than traditional op amp solutions that use expensive one-per cent resistors. The devices enable designers to select gains of 1, 10 or 50 V/V simply by driving the gain-input pin to the high, low or high "Z" state with the microcontroller, or connecting it directly to Vcc, Vss or No-Connect for op amp drop-in replacement or stand-alone operation. Additionally, the amplifiers adjust internal compensation when higher gain is selected, providing greater bandwidth at a lower current. 

The internal feedback resistors of the MCP6G0x amplifiers are laid out in consideration of thermal gradient issues to reduce gain error over temperature. The devices are capable of extended-temperature operation and are ideal for battery-powered, handheld devices such as those used forindustrial, consumer and medical applications.


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