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Low power IrDA-standard wireless link

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MICROCHIP Technology has unveiled a device that provides embedded system designers a very low-cost method of adding Infra-red Data Association (IrDA)-standard wireless connectivity to their systems.

The MCP2140 is a fixed speed 9,600 Baud IrDA-standard protocol stack controller designed for high-volume applications such as wireless LANs, modems, cell phone peripherals, wireless handheld data collection systems, door locks and fleet management systems among others.

When used with the recommended discrete transceiver implementation, this device enables a complete IrDA-standard wireless link (protocol handling plus transceiver) to be added to an embedded system while typically consuming less than 100μA of additional current.

In comparison, many industry-standard integrated transceivers alone have current consumption values greater than 1.0mA.

The MCP2140 employs the same patented technology that embeds the complex IrDA-standard protocol stack on other Microchip devices, however, the communications speed is lowered and the user-interface is simplified to target low-cost, high-volume embedded applications.

In addition, the MCP2140 has an automatic low-power function that reduces the power consumption when there is no activity on the link. In this low-power mode, the MCP2140 has a typical current consumption of less than 25μA.

This low-current consumption enables the addition of IrDA-standard links to battery applications without taxing overall system power budgets.

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