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Largest memory CAN microcontroller

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article image World’s largest memory.

MICROCHIP Technology has introduced four CAN (Controller Area Network) PIC Flash microcontrollers, including the world's largest memory 8-bit CAN microcontroller in a 28-pin package.

These devices combine the innovative ECAN module, Enhanced Flash memory and nanoWatt Technology power management into a very small form factor.

Automotive and industrial engineers designing embedded systems have a growing need for cost-effective 8-bit microcontrollers with built-in CAN functionality and flexible Flash memory, balanced with a requirement to consume less power and take up less space.

The new 28- and 40/44-pin PIC18F microcontrollers help solve these design concerns with the onboard ECAN module, up to 64K bytes of Enhanced Flash memory that can be programmed "in-car", and integrated nanoWatt Technology low-power modes.

The PIC18F4680, PIC18F2680, PIC18F4585 and PIC18F2585 microcontrollers feature 48K bytes or 64K bytes of Enhanced Flash program memory.

The Enhanced Flash technology offers self-programming capability, allowing the microcontroller to be programmed after being placed in a circuit board and providing tremendous flexibility, reduced development time, increased manufacturing efficiency and faster time to market.

With the addition of this new PIC18F family, Microchip's CAN devices are now pin-out and package compatible from 16K bytes to 64K bytes, providing maximum design flexibility.

These cost-effective devices are an ideal solution for a wide range of high-end applications requiring additional memory.

Each microcontroller features Microchip's ECAN module, a flexible and easy-to-use CAN 2.0B interface. The industry-unique ECAN module offers configurable transmit and receive (TX/RX) buffers that can be used for standard CAN operation or as FIFO registers, allowing one device to be used for multiple applications.

The on-board ECAN module enables multiple applications to be configured on a single node, easier implementation to a software protocol bridge from a CAN network and a device to be re-used across different applications.

Code-compatible with existing PIC microcontrollers that feature CAN, the new devices allow current customers to easily migrate to a more scalable CAN device with larger Flash memory.

The ECAN module supports standard Bosch CAN specifications and provides hardware support for the DeviceNet protocol and a FIFO state machine. To enable these multiple functions, the ECAN module features three software-configurable operating modes: Legacy, Enhanced and FIFO.

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