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KEELOQ security system from Microchip Technology

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Microchip Technology , a provider of microcontroller and analogue semiconductors, has announced that, after a thorough evaluation of recent claims made by cryptographic researchers, Microchip Technology concluded that its KEELOQ security system, in its recommended real-world implementation, is secure.

Microchip recognises that the highly talented researchers have been successful at a theoretical attack of a block cipher.

However, the KEELOQ security system implementation involves much more than just the cryptographic algorithm.

The researchers' claims that vehicles can be stolen, based on their cryptographic findings related to the KEELOQ algorithm, are incorrect due to several mistaken assumptions.

Microchip does not believe a public debate on how to steal vehicles benefits consumer security. In addition, for reasons of customer confidentiality, Microchip cannot disclose specific information regarding the errors in the claims being made.

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