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Fast data throughput CAN device

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MICROCHIP Technology has introduced an enhanced stand-alone controller area network (CAN) device that offers a new option to address serial-communications challenges.

The MCP2515 gives designers a CAN solution that provides faster data throughput, efficient data-byte filtering, generates start of frame (SOF) output and uses an SPI interface, which enables an easy connection to virtually any microcontroller.

The MCP2515 has a 40MHz maximum clock-input speed and a 10MHz high-speed SPI interface. This faster throughput enables CAN messages to be processed and transferred to the host microcontroller much faster than the original device.

In addition, Microchip's new interface CAN device has the ability to filter messages based on the first two data-bytes and the 11-identifier bits.

This feature reduces the microcontroller overhead requirements when supporting high-layer protocols, like DeviceNet support, that utilise data-bytes in addition to identifier bits for determining whether CAN messages should be received and processed by certain notes.

The MCP2515 offers features that are useful when implementing time-slots in deterministic systems such as Time Triggered CAN (TTCAN). A one-shot mode is available, which assures that a message will attempt to transmit one time, regardless of arbitration loss or error frame.

In addition, a start-of-frame (SOF) output is available to assist system designers with implementing time-slot-based protocols or in CAN bus diagnostics for determining early bus degradation.

The MCP2515 is the successor to Microchip's first standalone CAN solution. The MCP2515 provides more than twice the throughput capability of Microchip's original stand-alone CAN Controller (MCP2510), meanwhile; it maintains a compatible footprint and function migration path making for a more robust solution.

Used in automotive, industrial, robotics, power supply, test and semiconductor equipment, the MCP2515 is available in industrial temperature range in PDIP and SOIC packages.

In addition, Microchip is upgrading its MCP2510 CAN Developer's Kit (DV251001) to support the MCP2515.

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