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MICROCHIP Technology has released four development boards that serve as prototyping tools to quickly develop and validate key designs with Microchip's dsPIC digital signal controller (DSC) architecture.

The dsPICDEM starter demonstration board allows the engineer to validate a development idea using the dsPIC30F digital signal controller. The board features the dsPIC30F6012 (144KB Flash/8KB RAM/12-bit A/D converter) general-purpose device on a 64-pin adaptor plug. It also has a connector for MPLAB In-Circuit Debugger 2 (ICD 2) programming/debugging and a general-purpose prototyping area along with RS232 support. It has a 5V power supply split at the regulator to provide a separate, decoupled analogue supply voltage.

The dsPICDEM 28-pin starter demonstration board allows the engineer to validate a development idea using a 28-pin SDIP or SOIC dsPIC30F device. It has a socketed dsPIC30F2010 (144 KB) SDIP DSC, power-supply regulator, crystal oscillator, connector for MPLAB ICD 2, serial port, power-on indicator, reset push-button, 28L SOIC layout pad, and a prototyping area.

The dsPICDEM 1.1 general purpose demonstration board provides the application designer with a low-cost development solution to become familiar with the dsPIC30F 16-bit DSC architecture. The board is shipped with a dsPIC306014 (144 K bytes Flash/8 KB RAM), a voice band CODEC with microphone in/speaker out, a 122 x 32 dot addressable LCD, and the interfaces for MPLAB In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) 4000 and MPLAB ICD 2. It has an active demonstration program loaded on the installed dsPIC30F6014 DSC device. Several program functions are selectable via a menu system displayed on the LCD. These include temperature and voltage measurements and DTMF tone generation using the onboard CODEC.

The dsPICDEM.net 1 and dsPICDEM.net 2 connectivity development boards provide the application developer with a basic platform for developing and evaluating both connectivity and non-connectivity based requirements. They provide the hardware circuitry for supporting both the public switched telephone network and 10-base T MAC/PHY interfaces.

The dsPICDEM.net connectivity development boards come with an ITU-T compliant V.22bis/V.22 modem demonstration module pre-programmed on the installed dsPIC30F6014 device. This demo, provided with full source code, enables the user to connect and transfer data between the dsPIC soft modem and an ITU-T compliant reference modem.

The dsPICDEM MC1 motor control development board (DM300020) contains the dsPIC30F6010, (144 KB Flash) and has the peripherals to support motor control. A custom interface header system enables the board to connect to either of the two electrically isolated motor power modules. The control board also has specialised connectors for mechanical position sensors and a breadboard area for custom circuits.

A 3-phase high voltage power module dsPICDEM MC1H (DM300021) is available for line powered applications up to 230V ac. A 3-phase low voltage power module, dsPICDEM MC1L (DM300022) is also available for dc powered applications up to 48V dc.

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