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Complete short range RF system solution

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MICROCHIP Technology has introduced a complete system solution for short-range uni-directional RF communication.

Consisting of three microcontrollers with integrated transmitters and two receivers, Microchip now offers several products supporting frequency bands ranging from 260-930MHz.

By combining the rfPIC12F675 microcontroller/transmitters with either the rfRXD0420 receiver or rfRXD0920 receiver, users can create a wireless uni-directional communication link for embedded control applications.

The receivers can also be combined with the company's existing rfPIC devices and KEELOQ encoders to create remote sense and control applications.

Target applications include remote control (home appliance, fan control, light control, PC peripherals); command and control (air conditioning thermostats, water irrigation system); wireless sensors (temperature, smoke detectors, water level); home security (garage door openers, remote infrared sensors); and automotive (tyre pressure sensors, remote control and remote keyless entry [RKE]).

Available in a 32-pin low-profile, quad-flat pack (LQFP), the rfRXD0420 and rfRXD0920 single conversion super-heterodyne UHF RF receivers support frequency bands of 300-450MHz and 850-930MHz respectively.

The devices offer a maximum data rate of 80kbps, a standby supply current of 100nA and operate over a voltage range of 2.5V to 5.5V.

The active supply current for the rfRXD0420 is 6.5mA to 8.2mA depending on the low noise amplifier (LNA) setting and 7.5mA to 9.2mA for the rfRXD0920.

The low operating and standby current extends battery life and the flexible receiver topology enables bandwidth optimisation to improve system performance.

The rfPIC12F675 devices are 20-pin PICmicro microcontrollers that feature an integrated UHF RF transmitter.

Output power for the transmitter section is specified at 6dBm for increased range and is available in three frequency ranges: 260-350MHz (rfPIC12F675K), 390-450MHz (rfPIC12F675F), and 850-930MHz (rfPIC12F675H) with a maximum data rate of 40kbps.

A standby supply current of 100nA and operating voltage range of 2.0V to 5.5V make the devices suitable for low power battery operated applications.

The microcontrollers feature a 14-bit instruction set with 1.8 Kbytes of Flash program memory, 64 bytes RAM and 128 bytes EEPROM for non-volatile storage.

Additional features include an analogue comparator and four channels of 10-bit A/D, making it easy to interface to a sensor for wireless sensor applications.

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