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Mining water filtration solutions available from Micro Fresh Filters

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Micro Fresh Filters  also service / assist other 3M filtration related departments such as Cuno.

Recently acquired by 3M, Cuno is a leader in water and industrial liquid filtration.

Through 3M Mining and Micro Fresh Filters, these advanced technologies are now being taken to the Australian mining sector.

Poor water quality in rural areas can be a major problem for minesites.

In addition to providing a full range of process water filters for

longwall mining, Micro Fresh can provide solutions to minesite potable water contamination issues.

Sediment, carbon, ultraviolet and reverse osmosis systems are available depending on the nature / level of contamination.

Minesite applications include:

  • Longwall cutting spray filters
  • Dust suppressant spray nozzle filters
  • Belt cleaner spray pump filters
  • Drinking water: Whether it be individual fountains / under sink units or larger scale mains treatment mini-plants, Micro Fresh has a filtration solution to protect your staff from the myriad of contaminants found in drinking water that can adversely affect their health
  • Showers / amenities: Often overlooked but these applications can pose a significant health / contamination risk in rural mining areas where water quality is questionable
  • Hot water service and steamer ovens: Premature degradation of this expensive equipment through scale build-up and / or corrosion can be a considerable cost for minesites. Micro Fresh / Cuno water filters will protect entire system, dramatically increasing service life and reducing maintenance costs

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