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Micro Fresh Filters enters into auto market

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Ausc Filters was founded six years ago to produce air, oil and fuel filters for cars and trucks. Under direction of founder and Managing Director, Young Yang, it quickly established rapid growth from its Thomastown headquarters, due to the quality and pricing of its product, manufactured and imported from China.

Micro Fresh Filters  is recognised in local and international business, mining and health circles for its work on creating a filter that reduces the impact of diesel particulate matter in vehicle exhausts.

The microscopic particles, which collect on the lungs, are now considered carcinogenic.

The company has had spectacular success in Australia, the US, South Africa and Europe with its development and sale of the DA 100, the high-efficiency, flame-retardant, disposable diesel exhaust filter for underground mines.

As an indicator of Micro Fresh Filters’ performance, BHP Billiton, with mines around the world, insists on the DA 100 for use in its Illawarra underground coal mines.

Micro Fresh Filters has also developed a strong foothold in the industrial filtration market, developing filters for enclosed space machinery, aquaculture, foundries, refineries, waste treatment and manufacturers including food, plastics, chemicals, cement and pharmaceuticals.

It has a range of more than 1200 speciality products, 120-plus distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand and an expanding export sales network into the US, India and Singapore.

“The purchase of Ausc Filters complements this range with quality imported product in the automotive field,” de Jersey said.

Ausc Filters operations will be re-located to Micro Fresh Filters headquarters at Braeside, with Young Yang heading up the division. The products, sold to the after-market at both wholesale and retail level, will now be released under the label Micro Fresh automotive filters.

Diesel particulate filters:

Micro Fresh diesel exhaust filters incorporating 3M high performance polymer media have been used effectively and without incident by Australian coal mines for over 15 years and is now helping NSW operators meet legislation recently passed by the Department of Primary Industries that limits underground diesel emissions.

Mining fine dust and fume filtration solutions:

3M / Micro Fresh engineers have now joined forces to develop products for other industrial and mining air filtration applications using similar technology to that found in the exhaust filters.

Further to diesel particulate matter, the media is highly effective in the filtration of other fine industrial / mining dusts such as coal and silica.

High performance polymer media captures much finer particles than standard paper filter cartridges and is suitable for any application where fine dust ingress through standard filters is causing an issue.

Mining water filtration solutions:

Micro Fresh also service / assist other 3M filtration related departments such as Cuno. Recently acquired by 3M, Cuno are leaders in water and industrial liquid filtration.

Through 3M Mining and Micro Fresh Filters, these advanced technologies are now being taken to the Australian mining sector.

Poor water quality in rural areas can be a major problem for minesites. In addition to providing a full range of process water filters for longwall mining, Micro Fresh can provide solutions to minesite potable water contamination issues.

Dust suppressant solutions:

Due to close associations with the underground coal industry and a sound knowledge of the various dusts involved, Micro Fresh Filters have recently begun supplying mines with 3M’s new range of environmentally friendly dust suppressants.

3M SDS4 long-term dust suppressant is an easy to use economical water management tool, which provides durable control and suppression of fugitive dust caused by wind and vehicle movements.

This may result in up to a 70% reduction in water consumption, when compared to water only, which will reduce operating costs and impact of airborne dust to neighbouring communities.

Repeated applications cause dust particles to agglomerate and prevent them from becoming airborne in response to vehicle or wind movement.

SDS4 is ideal for remote areas where water is scarce, and wherever a durable dust solution is required.

SDS4 is simple and easy to use, with no requirement for special storage or equipment.

3M SDS2 dust suppressant allows water to go-further when used according to instructions. It is ideal for construction sites, ungrassed areas, roadway dust suppression and continual longwall coal mining dust control, or wherever economical dust suppression is required.

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