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Dust and fume filtration solutions from Micro Fresh Filters

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Mining fine dust and fume filtration solutions are available from Micro Fresh Filters.

3M / Micro Fresh engineers have now joined forces to develop products for other industrial and mining air filtration applications using similar technology to that found in their exhaust filters.

Further to diesel particulate matter, the media is highly effective in the filtration of other fine industrial / mining dusts such as coal and silica.

High performance polymer media captures much finer particles than standard paper filter cartridges and is suitable for any application where fine dust ingress through standard filters is causing an issue.

Target applications include:

  • HVAC systems (general buildings as well as labs and electronics room protection)
  • Protect health of minesite workers / protect intricate equipment, dust ingress is the leading cause of premature computer component failure
  • Protect expensive HEPA filters with 3M / Micro Fresh high performance polymer pre-filters
  • Cabin air systems on underground and opencut vehicles
  • Many standard paper filters will not effectively protect against mining dusts, they are designed for larger pollens and road dusts found in on-highway applications
  • Micro Fresh has successfully used 3M high performance polymer media on a number of loaders. One customer utilises the technology on large Volvo loaders. Where once fine dusts were contaminating the operator cabins, a filter upgrade ensured that cabins are now contaminant free resulting in a cleaner, healthier environment for the vehicle operators
  • Gantry crane cabins also lend themselves well to this type of filtration technology, where significant DPM and dust emissions exist high in sheds as a result of diesel vehicle use at ground level
  • Machine vent protection filters (variable speed drives etc)
  • Increase service life of mechanical components that prematurely wear due to dust ingress
  • Process fume control
  • In addition to highly fine particulates, 3M high performance polymer media will also remove toxic fumes from various industrial processes
  • Laser cutting fumes can be effectively captured and then further refined with activated carbon

3M high performance polymer media will not only effectively protect against finer dusts but will also last longer due to depth loading capacities and combined mechanical / electro static filter mechanisms.

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