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Diesel exhaust filter system

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EMISSION Reduction Products (ERP), working with Micro Fresh Filters (MFF), has developed a new, compact and innovative dry exhaust filtration system for use with the MFF filter.

Innovative technology has resulted in a unit containing only one moving part.

The DA100 filter, now used in wet scrubbers in most coal mines will remove more than 95% of diesel particulate matter (DPM) from the exhaust on diesel vehicles using either dry or wet systems.

The filter is non flammable and unaffected by water or humidity.

The system can be designed to fit all vehicles and its size will not affect the operation or performance of the equipment.

Installation time is minimal often requiring no more than four bolts and connection to the exhaust. Changing of filters is easy and takes no more than one or two minutes.

Units are available for generator sets, mobile/fixed and tow motors for ships’ holds.

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