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Seat skinz and motorcycle accessories offered by Metzi Moto Skinz

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Metzi Moto Skinz  is one of the leading manufacturers of Seat Skinz and it develops motorcycle accessories. Metzi Moto Skinz offers to its customers the new inventive Metzi Seat Skinz. Seat Skinz offered by Metzi Moto Skinz is manufactured from quality marine-approved vinyl that is sourced from all over the world including Europe, Australia and the USA.

The thread which is used in the production of Metzi seat skinz is the same product that is found on leather racing suits. It is used due to its qualities like strength and long lasting durability. Seat skinz offered by Metzi Moto Skinz is available under two categories namely dual and mono. As mono is the large single seat, it is generally used on Sports tourers, tourers, dirt bikes and scooters.

Dual includes the two small seats and is usually found in high performance tourers, sports. Dual seats offered by Metzi Moto Skinz can be separated. The option to remove the sit is available only for the Mono seat.

Removable seat skinz of Metzi Moto Skinz has been designed to provide the likeness of having the seat efficiently upholstered. It also allows placing a soft material beneath them for an additional comfortable ride. There are about hundred colours and seven textures of seat skinz available from Metzi Moto Skinz.

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