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Upgrade to Mettler Toledo POWERCELL PDX load cells to improve accuracy and reliability

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article image Upgrade existing inefficient load cells with POWERCELL PDX load cell system
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Mettler Toledo offers POWERCELL PDX load cells for weighbridges to improve accuracy and reliability while reducing unplanned downtime caused by environmental factors.  

Existing weighbridge operators can upgrade their current load cells to POWERCELL PDX load cells to protect their equipment against factors that impact profit including weighing errors and unplanned downtime.    

Backed by the proven performance of the POWERCELL family, the new POWERCELL PDX load cells take reliability and accuracy to new levels by including predictive diagnostics to keep the operator continually informed about the weighbridge scale’s performance, providing a faster return on investment.

Key benefits of POWERCELL PDX load cells:

  • Eliminates failure-prone junction boxes 
  • Protects against damage from water ingress 
  • Provides unmatched lightning protection 
  • Delivers market-leading weighing accuracy 
Mettler Toledo offers assistance to weighbridge operators in evaluating the cost of an upgrade in comparison with the cost of a new weighbridge and/or continual repairs.  

Existing weighbridges in good condition can benefit from a load cell upgrade through lower operating costs and improved productivity. Mettler Toledo can also provide options for traffic flow control, data management or information system integration. 

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