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Titration simplified with Mettler Toledo titrators, LabX software and Rondo 60 sample changers

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The titration process has been simplified and made more efficient using the Mettler Toledo Excellence titrators, LabX titration software and Rondo 60 sample changers.  

Mettler Toledo’s Excellence line of titrators combines application flexibility with efficient titration, meeting the requirements of Blaser Swisslube, a leading global producer of lubricants and cutting fluids for the metalworking industry.  

Using the new Excellence Titrator T90 with LabX titration software and Rondo 60 sample changer, Blaser Swisslube has made titration far simpler and more efficient in their laboratory.  

Blaser Swisslube’s quality control laboratory carries out titration analyses such as TAN, TBN and saponification numbers among others. Due to the large variety and complex composition of the samples, every analysis requires a different evaluation.  

According to Thomas Schmid (head of quality control), the T90 Excellence titrators offer a new algorithm to recognise very weak inflection points, saving the lab a lot of time while also increasing the reliability of their results. Previously, the lab had to find the equivalence point of many titration curves manually.  

For the few titration curves that are impossible to evaluate automatically, the lab opens the curve in the PC software LabX titration and the result is found by graphical re-evaluation. The unique dual mode allows the user to work with both the touch screen terminal at the titrator and with the LabX titration software.  

Operating the system is simple since the analyses can be started directly from the titrator and the curves checked in LabX titration software.  

Thomas Schmid's team usually runs three determinations of the same sample. Efficiency is further improved by using the Rondo 60 sample changer.  

The three samples are placed on the sample changer rack and the analysis is started with the other sample series analysed immediately afterwards. Due to the PowerShower rinsing unit, sample carryover is prevented giving consistently accurate results.

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