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Tablex-PRO – new Safeline metal detectors from Mettler Toledo

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Mettler Toledo introduces the Tablex-PRO, their new range of Safeline metal detectors for highly regulated pharmaceutical production plants, and the pharmaceutical industry. The Tablex-PRO uses the new version of advanced Safeline PowerPhasePro software, which is a dual level, electronic signature login system.

The Tablex-PRO Safeline metal detectors feature sensitivity enhancements, which are achieved through the development the new optimum power drive technique combined with an ultra high frequency operation. The Tablex-PRO Safeline is capable of detecting particles smaller than 0.2mm in diameter and can detect stainless steel contaminants and irregular shaped contaminants, such as slithers of metal and broken sieve wires.

The software system, Safeline PowerPhasePro, captures and stores all access activities into an electronic access log, which can be viewed on touch screen, as well as important manufacturing data that provides full regulatory compliance with the requirements of 21 CFR part 11.

The Tablex-PRO Safeline metal detectors, available from Mettler Toledo, will help increase productivity, reduce overall manufacturing costs and improve competitiveness.

Tablex-PRO is available with the Mettler Toledo EQPac qualification package to ensure documentary evidence is provided and that processes and procedures meet predetermined specifications of FDA, GAMP and GMP requirements.

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