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Sieve analysis simplified with XP balances from Mettler Toledo

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World-leading supplier of laboratory balances, Mettler Toledo offers a range of XP balances to conduct sieve analysis in various industrial segments.  

Particle size determination is becoming increasingly important in manufacturing processes as any change in the particle distribution impacts the quality of the finished product. A simple and quick means of determining the size of the particles is therefore an important requirement for quality assurance in the production of bulk goods.  

Particle size has a noticeable effect on the properties of solids with regard to their physical and chemical characteristics. It is normal procedure for goods-in testing and quality control in general, to closely monitor the product quality of granulates and powders.  

The sieve analysis method is used in many industry sectors to analyse and determine the spread of particle sizes in the product. The equipment needs to be user-friendly as sieve analysis is often performed by unskilled or semi-skilled employees.  

XP balances from Mettler Toledo enable sieve analysis as a simple and highly logical task. The empty sieve is placed on the balance, the balance is tared and the sample is weighed in followed by the actual sieving.  

When the sieving is completed, the operator simply places the sieve back on the balance and reads the results on the display.  

Key benefits of XO balances from Mettler Toledo:   

  • Automatically shows the results of sieve 'back weighing' in % alongside the sieve residue in g or kg
  • Can be configured to show the gross weight
  • All the user menus are available in over 12 languages if required
  • Results can be printed out from the balance or even transferred directly to a PC using LabX software 

Working with multiple sieves  

When fractioning sieving, there are often 6-8 different sized sieves used. Using the XP balance together with LabX software, the user is guided step by step on the touchscreen to place the sieves onto the balance in the right order. The balance then checks if the correct sieve has been used.

After sieve weighing, the particle size distribution is automatically calculated and all data saved in the PC.

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