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RAININ Lite Touch Microcentrifuge Tube from Mettler Toledo

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Mettler Toledo introduces the RANIN Lite Touch Microcentrifuge Tube, the latest entry in the RAININ’s line of ergonomic lab tools.  The Lite Touch Microcentirfuge Tube features a one-handed open-and-close, which helps speed experiment workflows while reducing the risk of sample cross-contamination.

The Lite Touch Tube’s design allows it to be held, opened and closed, with one hand using an extended hinge projection.  The researchers can then apply samples or reagents into the tube using their opposing hand.  This allows easy-open motions for researchers to quickly prepare one tube to the next. Using one hand avoids the interior of the lid or tube to come in contact with lab gloves, which reduces the risks of accidental cross-contamination.

The Lite Touch Tubes are manufactured in clean room conditions from virgin polypropylene with high thermal and chemical resistance to help protect samples. They have a maximum volume of 1.5ml and are available in sterile and non-sterile clear, as well as non-sterile red, blue, yellow and green colours.

The Lite Touch Microcentrifuge tubes, available from Mettler Toledo, are ideal for researches in academia, government, as well as applications in clinical, pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories.  They can fit into all standard tube racks and can withstand up to 20,000xg centrifugation.

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