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OptiMax synthesis workstation from Mettler Toledo

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Mettler Toledo introduces OptiMax synthesis workstations chemical equipment, which features an intuitive interface to help improve chemical engineering organic synthesis processes and maximise time-for-result product developments in competitive markets.

The OptiMax simplifies the way organic synthesis are performed, provides significant productivity gains during process development and carefully tracks synthesis to successfully produce quality data. These synthesis workstations allow experiments to run from -4oC to 180oC without oil, ice baths or bulky cryostats with little to no training.

The OptiMax synthesis workstations are designed by chemists for chemists as well as pharmaceutical, fine-chemical and speciality-chemical development industries. These workstations help enhance the chemical engineering and chemical process development decisions many chemists need to make in performing processes and characterising while optimising chemistry at the same time.

Mettler Toledo’s OptiMax provides a compact, robust and simple workstations for safe, effective product and process developments in chemical engineering. The OptiMax synthesis workstations features intuitive touch screen, with a variety of reactors from 250mL – 1L, different stirrers and other accessories.

OptiMax synthesis workstations chemical equipment are quick to assemble and configure with chemical engineering experiment data represented in real time, or as graphic trends.

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