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New information toolboxes aiding sample preparation

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Sample preparation in a testing lab is often like working the assembly line: many samples need to be processed at the same time.

As a result, sample preparation is often the most time consuming element of a process, and it is important for laboratory professionals to understand the tips, tricks, best practices and how-to facts that can help to shorten sample preparation time, avoid errors and increase accuracy.

Errors during this stage can multiply and lead to faulty results, at times leading to a whole experiment having to be rerun, which is both a costly and time consuming.

A compilation of expert materials on this complex topic has been released by Mettler Toledo in a specially designed sample preparation toolbox.

This new toolbox has been developed for testing laboratories to assist users in increasing their productivity, and to help with challenges that sample preparation can present.

The toolbox includes a number of educational materials including a white paper on how to optimise sample preparation and to speed up the process, and video tutorials to provide deeper insights in the topics of Out-of-specification results and how these can be avoided in the laboratory.

A video tutorial on the impact of changes to the US Pharmacopeia regulations has also been included, discussing the impact the change has on regulatory and quality aspects of sample preparation.

The Sample Preparation toolbox is a free educational tool available online.

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