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New guide for food moisture and water content monitoring

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article image The Ultimate Moisture & Water Guide

Mettler Toledo  has recently introduced a new guide on determining moisture and water content in food.

The moisture content of a food item is inversely related to the dry matter, resulting in direct economic impact on consumers and processors. Water being a cheap ingredient that increases the weight of the final product, higher water content means that the production cost is significantly lower, and consumers will end up paying more than they would for a product with specified water content. The moisture content of a food item also influences its stability and quality.

Mettler Toledo, has therefore introduced a new guide for those who work with food, both in the laboratory and along the production line.

The new guide on moisture and water content determination in food, 'The Ultimate Moisture & Water Guide' presents and reviews the different methods of moisture and water content determination, including thermogravimetric, chemical, spectroscopic and other types of analysis. The guide reviews the advantages and disadvantages of the respective methods, offers tips and tricks to enhance the reliability and performance of measurements, and provides solutions to common challenges.

A comprehensive source of information about moisture and water content in food, Mettler Toledo’s guide can be downloaded for free online.

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