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New Mettler Toledo competence brochure offers solutions for efficient logistics

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A new brochure from Mettler Toledo , Flexible Measure Solutions: Profitable, Efficient Logistics explains how technology can simplify the logistics process while recovering the revenue rightfully earned by the companies.
Transport and logistics companies are constantly under pressure from customers to deliver shipments to the right destination faster than ever. Modern technologies such as automatic dimensioning and weighing systems allow transport and logistics businesses to increase efficiency as well as profitability.
Complete weighing and measuring solutions and services can bring financial and operational efficiency to transport and logistics processes. Mettler Toledo’s new brochure describes the impact of new technology features on efficiency and profitability.
Weighing, dimensioning and identification technology collects data needed to profile incoming goods for better operational control later in the logistics process. Forklift scales can speed up a slow pallet-weighing process while cameras serve as a valuable customer service tool, capturing images of pallets and parcels as they are measured.

Given the rapidly changing requirements for transport and logistics customers, businesses that serve them need to stay ahead of the curve. The new Mettler Toledo brochure shares expertise from supplying and servicing transport and logistics businesses globally over the past three decades.

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