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New Mettler Toledo Garvens X-Grader for automatic sorting and grading

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Mettler Toledo  Garvens introduces the X-Grader XG 300, an automatic sorting and grading module designed to increase efficiency and profitability for food manufacturers.

Designed for simple integration with all Mettler Toledo checkweighers, the X-Grader XG 300 is an automatic sorting and grading module that classifies individual food products such as poultry, fish and raw meat according to weight zones.

When integrated into manufacturing production lines, the automated system eliminates manual sorting errors, accelerates the sorting process with speeds of up to 120 pieces per minute, and increases product hygiene, directly boosting profitability levels for food manufacturers by improving production line efficiency, eliminating waste through lower sorting errors and reducing labour costs.

Newly introduced into the Asian market, the X-Grader XG 300 will benefit manufacturers in the region by ensuring a streamlined and accurate process. The X-Grader classifies the product weight value received from the checkweigher for each individual product, and photo-electric sensors trigger the respective swing gate immediately at product arrival. The swing gates gently guide the products to lateral outlets, ensuring the appropriate handling and sorting of sensitive products.

Being independent of the checkweigher, vibrations caused by mechanical movements of the X-Grader during the sorting process do not affect weighing accuracy.

According to Dirk Bettels, Product Manager, Mettler Toledo Garvens, individual food products such as shrimp, poultry or fish are highly in demand from Asian consumers, which requires manufacturers to streamline their production lines with as little downtime as possible. The addition of the automated X-Grader helps manufacturers deliver on volume and quality concurrently.

Key features of X-Grader XG 300: 

  • All contact parts feature food quality materials that are extremely stable, inert, taint-free and taste-free
  • No potential for product contamination, suiting food processing and production
  • Available with six or eight grading outlets (XG300/6 and XG 300/8 models)
  • Flexible design enables upgradation according to manufacturer’s product line expansion plans
  • Plug-and-go concept facilitates extension of XG300/6 to 12 grading outlets and XG 300/8 to 16 grading outlets with minimal investment and set-up time
  • Operator-friendly system with a touch screen and structured interface reduces operating and training time
  • All production data can be accessed at any time, allowing instant corrections to the production process
The new X-Grader is part of Mettler Toledo's product inspection technology portfolio, which includes X-ray, metal detection and checkweighing solutions.

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