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New FlowIR FTIR spectroscopy units from Mettler Toledo ideal for smaller outfits

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Now available from Mettler Toledo are the new FlowIR Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy units designed for smaller scale flow chemistry analysis.

The spectroscopy units have been designed to provide control over flow chemistry analysis to smaller companies which has previously only been possible for larger research and manufacturing organisations.

These economical spectroscopy units offer greater process control and results are ideally suited for use by smaller:

  • pharmaceutical,
  • chemical,
  • fine chemical, and
  • academic companies.
These small and compact FTIR chemical flow instruments are suitable for placment nearly anywhere along a reactor setup and offer seamless integration into practically any home built or commercially available flow chemistry synthesis system.

The spectroscopy units allows real time flow chemistry monitoring at any point along a reaction chain, without the requirement for any special connections. Multiple units can also be set up along the reaction path in multi-step synthesis set ups to provide critical feedback needed for ongoing reaction adjustments.

Further benefits of using the FlowIR FTIR spectroscopy units include:

  • enhanced control over potentially volatile reactions;
  • increased safety;
  • fewer experiments due to reagents and other materials being added as necessary;
  • money and time efficient;
  • requires no sampling;
  • reduced opportunities for operator error;
  • high accuracy of measurements;
  • readily detects dispersion and diffusion effects;
  • rapidly reaches steady state conditions;
  • highly portable;
  • weighs only 6 lbs (28kg); and
  • has Ethernet TCP/IP connectors for communicating results.
These cost effective and simple to use flow chemistry analysis units offer rapid screening of reaction conditions and faster process optimisation, meaning that smaller scale manufacturers can bring products to the market faster and larger companies can capture more robust data for reporting and results.

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