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Mettler Toledo webinar on how to use weighing for quality control

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A new webinar by Mettler Toledo will explain the concept of weight based quality control (WbQC), a fast and easy way to check product quality, completeness and intactness in production environments.

Quality control is important in production processes to ensure no faulty products are sold and that customers receive what they have ordered. However, quality control checks can be too slow or may require expensive technology.

Effective quality control doesn't require expensive optics or tactile technology. The new webinar from Mettler Toledo will explain how checking by weight can be done easily, quickly and at a minimal cost.

Mettler Toledo’s new 15-minute on-demand webinar, ‘Weight-based Quality Control Innovative Solutions for Flawless Products’ explores the benefits of weight-based quality control and explains its use in practical applications.

Mettler Toledo marketing manager Simone Zimmermann notes that weight-based quality control is an effective way to ensure completeness of products, whereby quality parameters can be verified simply by looking at weight differences. The WbQC method delivers benefits such as high throughput, easy handling and low installation costs.

The webinar explains the use of weight-based quality control in practical applications, including checking various aspects such as intactness of casting, density of parts, completeness of assemblies, cable length, and amount of lubrication applied to assess product quality; and kits, boxes and packages to check for completeness of shipments.

The webinar also explains how a scale's data management features can speed up weighing tasks and help in decision-making. Production data can be used to find issues within the production process and to make timely improvements based on them.

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