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Mettler Toledo’s Safeline AXR X-ray inspection machines

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The Mettler Toledo Safeline AXR X-ray inspection machines are increasingly being used by Asian manufacturers to meet product inspection challenges.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline has revealed steady growth in sales of its AXR X-ray inspection systems in Asia, since its launch in December 2009.

The AXR was developed to provide Asian manufacturers with high-performance and cost-effective product inspection technology to comply with local and international food safety regulations. The X-ray inspection machine’s growing popularity can be attributed to the increased use of packaging formats that pose problems for traditional contaminant detection in the region as well as Mettler-Toledo's expertise in customising technology to meet product inspection challenges.

Designed to offer fully automated product inspection and rejection of contaminated products, Mettler Toledo Safeline AXR X-ray inspection machines provide exceptional detection of metal, high-density plastic, glass, stones and rubber while simultaneously performing in-line quality checks including measuring mass, counting components, identifying missing or broken products, monitoring fill level, checking for damaged packaging, and ensuring seal integrity.

China and Thailand are driving the increased sales of the AXR system, thanks to the growth in demand for convenience products, which are typically packaged in plastic containers that have traditionally proved harder to inspect as the density of the packaging at corners and edges can mask contamination.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline has introduced a number of mechanical and software enhancements in the AXR to optimise the technology for the requirements of Asian food manufacturers. In response to requests from producers of noodle snacks for tailored solutions for their specific X-ray needs, Mettler-Toledo developed software capable of detecting contamination in the edges of the plastic pots without masking out the rest of the product to ensure complete contaminant detection. This customised software is now provided as standard in all AXR inspection systems.

Mettler Toledo Safeline AXR X-ray inspection machines are helping several small and medium enterprises in China to demonstrate compliance with food safety regulations both locally and globally in order to penetrate the overseas export market and ensure their products meet the high quality standards expected by consumers.

Ian Clarry, Sales Manager for Asia, Mettler-Toledo Safeline explains that food manufacturers in the global marketplace require a product inspection system that offers complete contaminant detection since they need to comply with increasingly stringent quality standards to enter new markets.

Key features of Mettler Toledo Safeline AXR X-ray inspection machines:

  • Highly sensitive product inspection and contaminant detection at high throughput speeds
  • Minimises the risk of reputation-damaging product recalls
  • Handles up to eight lanes on bulk applications, or up to four lanes on standard packaging lines
  • Inspects products in a range of sizes and packaging formats
  • Easy-to-clean hygienic design with a quick release belt reduces maintenance time
Mettler-Toledo's product inspection technology portfolio includes metal detection and checkweighing solutions.

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