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Mettler Toledo’s 2nd Annual Customer Council

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The 2012 Annual Customer Council organised by Mettler Toledo is a two-day event featuring speakers, roundtable discussions, panels and activities for grocery retailers, industry experts and solution providers.

Introduced in January 2011, the Customer Council functions as a common platform for all stakeholders to share ideas and learn from the best and brightest in the grocery industry, which in turn guides the Mettler Toledo solutions portfolio in the coming years.

According to Jason Wiley, marketing manager for the Retail business area of Mettler Toledo, LLC, the Customer Council is the ultimate forum blending industry experts, customers and technology partners in thought-provoking discussions of grocery trends, challenges and solutions. The event captures the ideas and voices of Mettler Toledo customers, flowing right into the company’s product development roadmaps.

Dedicated to the voice of the customer, the Customer Council offers participants the opportunity to be a part of the discussion of this year's industry trends and hear from top minds in the grocery industry.

This year's council is centred on five pertinent subjects impacting today's grocery retailers including Sustainability, Food Safety and Traceability, Self-Service, Packaging and Labelling as well as Food Waste and Shrink.

Each topic will feature an industry speaker and panel or roundtable discussions. Mettler Toledo will also present solutions in each focus area, and provide inputs on the future of their solutions to better meet growing business needs.


Grocery retailers can learn about increasing sustainability by reducing carbon footprint, evaluating suppliers and implementing energy saving technology through simple changes to stores and equipment that can have a major impact on the bottom line, and can be directly or indirectly marketed to the consumer.

Food Safety and Traceability

Recent laws such as the Food Safety Modernisation Act and Meat Nutrition Labelling regulation have helped take a stand for the consumer by emphasising the importance of ensuring food safety and transparency of nutrition facts. The panel will discuss how these changes are affecting retailers' in-store production, packaging and application identifiers added to product codes.


A norm across European Supermarkets' Fresh Departments, self-service scales are more of the exception for US grocers. The panel will discuss how these scales can be integrated into Fresh Departments, and the potential benefits including faster check-outs, providing key information at the point of product selection and reducing shrink.

Packaging and Labelling

In-store production and packaging issues faced by operational personnel, the hottest food packaging trends and keeping Fresh Departments up-to-date on requirements, regulations and policies related to packaging are some of the topics for discussion.

Food Waste and Shrink

Controlling and managing food waste and shrink is one of the biggest challenges in the Fresh Department. Reducing waste, tracking/ identification and preventing loss in the Fresh Department will be taken up for discussion.

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