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Metter Toledo releases white paper on airtight food traceability

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Mettler Toledo  presents a new white paper that provides guidance on factors affecting traceability within a food production facility.

Traceability can be loosely defined as the ability to follow a substance through all stages of production and distribution, and is vital to consumer safety. This includes clear identification of raw materials and storage records, and allows immediate upstream tracing and downstream tracking of potentially faulty components and batches.

Traceability is an important requirement in food safety regulations and many retail-driven standards. A fully-integrated computerised system can enable targeted action to ensure compliance, facilitate recall, and improve quality. However, various systematic concerns affect whether or not traceability is airtight and can pass audit.

Mettler Toledo has published a new white paper titled ‘Traceability for Standard Compliance and Process Improvement’, which aims to assist manufacturers determine adequate traceability methods, providing for system planning, implementation and maintenance.

Expanding product families and increasing awareness of safety issues among consumers increase the urgency of implementing complete traceability in production facilities. This paper seeks to address common areas of concern regarding traceability, making sure relevant information connecting suppliers, components, customers, and product/intermediate disposal can be provided to authorities in a timely manner.

The white paper will ultimately help a manufacturer protect their valuable brand and fulfil legislative principles while simultaneously offering a wealth of quality data to help with internal process improvement.

A copy of the white paper is available on the Mettler Toledo website.

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