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Making the switch to Rainin LTS and BioClean pipette tips

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Mettler Toledo  Australia's Pipette Product Manager, Jason Smith explains the various advantages of using Rainin LTS and BioClean pipette tips.

Rainin LTS pipette tips

Rainin LTS pipette tips deliver ergonomic advantages to the user in the laboratory. Pipetting is a forceful and repetitive activity that can cause fatigue, pain and even injury. The traditional conical shape of the universal-fit tip design results in the user applying excessive force when attaching the tip as they are unsure when the seal between shaft and tip is made. This produces a seal over a large surface area with very high friction. While the whole arm is used to attach this tip, the smaller weaker thumb is used to eject it, which can result in up to 10kg of force for a single tip.

The Rainin LiteTouch Tip Ejection System (LTS) was developed to reduce tip ejection forces with both the LTS tip and shaft cylindrical in shape rather than conical. The thin-walled tips incorporate a small, well-defined seal and a positive stop, which allows the user to feel exactly when the seal is made, preventing over-insertion of the pipette shaft into the pipette tip and reducing the average ejection force to 0.6kg.

BioClean pipette tips

For successful experiments, pipette tips need to be contamination-free as well as completely inert and not interfere with samples in addition to being free of any bioactive components. BioClean pipette tips offer 100% purity and safety, right from raw material selection to clean production and automated packaging.

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