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HR83 halogen moisture analysers from Mettler Toledo for fast moisture determination in sugar syrup

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Mettler Toledo offers HR83 halogen moisture analysers designed for quick, easy and accurate determination and analysis of moisture content in sugar syrups.  

A study carried out by the University of Hohenheim involving the comparison of different methods has shown that weight loss of sugar and fructose syrups as measured with Mettler Toledo’s HR83 halogen moisture analyser corresponds to the water content chemically determined by Karl Fischer titration.  

Moisture content determination by differential weighing before and after drying is required for nearly all foods.  

Weight loss of heat-sensitive sugars may be affected two-fold during drying. While volatile decomposition of products adds to the weight loss, the crust typically formed during heating of sugar may prevent complete moisture evaporation.  

The University of Hohenheim study involved testing drying programs (gentle, standard and rapid) on the HR83 halogen moisture analyzers at different temperatures with varying sample sizes. All three methods demonstrated a good correlation to the reference value determined with KF titration.  

The study also found that the rapid drying program was not only the fastest but also the least sensitive against temperature and sample weight in tests with inverted sugar and fructose syrups.  

The use of glass fibre pads optimised the drying procedures as they increased the surface area of the syrups and ensured complete and reproducible evaporation. Accuracy and repeatability were satisfactory for most instrument settings tested as estimated by the relative standard deviations of the measurements.  

The data showed that the HR83 halogen moisture analysers heated the samples quickly and homogenously, providing accurate and reproducible results for sugar and fructose syrups. 

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