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Failsafe metal detection systems from Mettler Toledo

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article image The Due Diligence Enhancement system ensures contaminated packs are properly removed from the line

Mettler Toledo Safeline has launched the new Due Diligence Enhancement for its metal detection systems to help manufacturers comply with tougher standards for product safety.

The Due Diligence Enhancement strengthens control and security at critical control points (CCP) on food processing and packing lines.

The metal detection enhancement is designed to deliver an increased level of failsafe functionality resulting in increased product safety as well as compliance with legislation and retailer guidelines. Food manufacturers also benefit from failsafe metal detection systems by avoiding the risk of costly product recalls and potential damage to their brand reputation.

The Due Diligence Enhancement ensures that contaminated packs are properly removed from the line through a fully automated rejection system with multiple pack sensing and control devices. The automatic reject mechanism is controlled via input from both the metal detector and the pack sensors, enabling the contaminated product to be efficiently removed without stopping the production process.

If the correct pack is not removed, a reject confirmation sensor reports the event to the system, triggering an alarm and providing full failsafe functionality.

As an additional guarantee of accurate rejection, a secondary reject check sensor further along the conveyor belt signals a fault should the rejection mechanism fail or the pack in-feed sensor malfunction. Any type of failure will activate the alarm and stop the machine.

All activity is monitored and documented within the detector, providing ample confidence that all control measures have been taken to ensure product safety.

A principal cause of metal-contaminated products reaching the consumer is procedural failure rather than metal detector failure, such as the inadvertent replacing of rejected products on the production line after inspection.

Providing a tunnel guard on the out-feed conveyor prevents external interference with inspected packs and ensures that only uncontaminated products are advanced for final packaging and distribution, lowering the risk of expensive and damaging product recalls.

Additionally, Due Diligence Enhancement features a lockable reject bin to prevent the placement of rejected packs back onto the conveyor. Access to the reject bin is gained through the touch screen interface of the metal detector, which includes a high-security password protected operator access and event logging system. Only authorised personnel can access the metal detector controls and the reject bin.

The Due Diligence Enhancement also features condition monitoring technology within the detector that provides advance warning of adverse trends that could lead to downtime such as an increased number of contaminated products.

For flexibility, manufacturers can choose between various automatic contaminated pack reject mechanisms depending on the line and pack speed, pack weight and dimensions and the nature of the packaging material.

Neil Giles, Marketing Manager, Mettler-Toledo Safeline comments that consumer welfare protection is vital to the future of any business. Repercussions could be catastrophic if a metal-contaminated product reaches the consumer, and results in product recalls that harm the business irreparably.

The Mettler-Toledo Safeline Due Diligence Enhancement ensures that manufacturers can be confident about the quality of their products and protection of their brand’s reputation. 

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