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Convenient and simply to use temporary data loggers available from Mettler Toledo

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Mettler Toledo is now offering its iRO (Intelligent remote operation) temporary data logger as a unique solution, ideal for a variety of data collection applications such as:

  • process optimisation,
  • quality assurance,
  • troubleshooting purposes or
  • where access is limited.
The iRO temporary data loggers feature new analytical measurement systems, offering comprehensive data as well as easy installation and commissioning.

The iRO data loggers record measurements from in-line process analytical sensors in real time and have been designed especially for temporary installation.

The data logger units are fully compatible with Mettler Toledo's full range of intelligent sensor management (ISM) digital sensors, and are capable of measuring oxygen, pH and conductivity simultaneously from two sensors.

Thanks to the ISM technology the iRO data loggers feature:

  • rapid sensor commissioning,
  • reliable measurements and data on sensor condition,
  • greater reassurance of process reliability,
  • energy efficient, with the rechargeable battery providing up to eight weeks unit power,
  • bluetooth communication,
  • remote operation for configuration and data read out.
The iRO temporary data logging system is especially suited for applications with limited or difficult access to the measuring point and for locating the ideal position for more permanent data logger installations. It is also highly suited to:
  • process development,
  • optimisation of production processes,
  • in-line measurement of analytical parameters such as pH, oxygen concentration or conductivity,
  • location of contamination sources in processes such as filtration, separation or filling of oxygen-sensitive products.

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