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Benefits of advanced load cell technology shown in new video

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Mettler Toledo presents engineers, OEMs and system integrators a new video that explores the benefits of advanced load cell technology.

The new video shows how advanced load cell technology can help end users control their processes and protect their revenue with its predictive maintenance capabilities.

The new technology in SWB605 PowerMount weigh module from Mettler Toledo allows businesses to quickly diagnose a tank-scale issue before it causes unnecessary downtime or slows down production. SWB605 PowerMount alerts businesses when a failure has occurred or when it could occur in future based on defined threshold values. This allows users to plan maintenance and services instead of simply reacting to failures, which inevitably causes lost production time.

SWB605 PowerMount digital weigh modules ensure every load cell deviation is discovered right away, alerting operators to variances with an email, text message or log file entry.

SWB605 PowerMount with POWERCELL technology delivers load cell diagnostics data and true digital weight values that can be monitored individually for errors. SWB605 PowerMount continuously reads the load cell signal to verify proper functionality. Without this continuous monitoring, errors such as load cell overload, poor communication between modules, out-of-symmetry errors and out-of-range temperatures can wreak havoc on product quality, causing significant costs and reputational damage.

The video also explains how SWB605 PowerMount is easy to install and use, with no negative impact on operations.

Watch the video to see how the SWB605 PowerMount can help businesses avoid unnecessary costs and quality errors, control their processes, diagnose potential problems and ensure product quality. View it at http://glo.mt.com/global/en/home/perm-lp/product-organizations/ind/ind-oem/swb605-PowerMount.html.

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