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Slurry pumps wet end conversion kits from Metso Minerals (Australia)

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article image Metso's slurry pump wet end conversion kits can help to improve performance and extend component wear life

Metso Minerals ' wet end conversion kits are designed to overcome traditional slurry pump problems, featuring a simple two step impeller adjustment for total wear clearance without dismantling.

Common problems these conversion kits can overcome include:

  • low hydraulic efficiency
  • premature component failure
  • inconsistent performance
  • ineffective centrifugal seals; and
  • difficult maintenance.

They utilise a unique impeller design that incorporates partial mixed flow main vanes, reducing inlet shock losses at the suction eye. This assists in reducing hydraulic turbulence and recirculation within the casing and impeller to yield high efficiencies and longer component life.

Adjustment permits closing the impeller on both sides of the casing, with clearances that result in vastly improved performance and longer pump life. The large impeller diameters operate at slow speed to enhance wear life.

This provides a very effective centrifugal seal against positive suction heads without gland leakage. Seal performance improves as running clearance is closed during impeller wear adjustment.

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