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Samgreen expands recycled concrete operations in Singapore

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SAMWOH’s subsidiary SamGreen has demonstrated it is actively addressing two significant issues in Singapore construction with the recent expansion of its recycling operations.

A lack of virgin materials has always meant Singaporean construction is heavily reliant on imported aggregates, mostly from Riau, Indonesia. This is coupled with the limited space to dispense of construction debris.

SamGreen has addressed both of these issues with an innovative operation producing aggregates of surprisingly good quality from construction and demolition waste; an operation that has recently undergone a large expansion.

Commissioned in December, the expansion has increased capacity by 80 tonnes per hour (tph) of recycled aggregates.

Magnetic separation coupled with manual sorting has also allowed for accurate filtering of unwanted materials and has created a profitable secondary product in scrap metal.

The new plant was supplied by Metso distributor Minrock, a Singapore owned and operated company with unmatched local experience in the supply of rock processing equipment.

Minrock utilised proven Metso equipment from their Nordberg crusher range to create an efficient, reliable plant with excellent capacity and throughput, whilst maintaining end-product quality.

Jackie Ng managing director of Minrock, described how his company designed the plant in Singapore in cooperation with operations management from SamGreen.

“We (Minrock) have a good rapport with SamWoh and have provided equipment and expertise to them for many years,” explained Ng.

“When we were approached to consider expanding their subsidiary’s (SamGreen) recycling operation, I was optimistic we could provide a good solution unprecedented in Singapore.”

Minrock designed the plant using in-house engineering expertise in collaboration with a Malaysian steel fabricator and used their position as exclusive Metso Minerals crushing and screening distributor for Singapore to ensure the highest quality equipment was supplied. This consisted of a Nordberg C80 jaw crusher at the primary stage and a Nordberg NP1007 horizontal shaft impact crusher for secondary crushing and shaping of the recycled aggregates.

Material is also screened to ensure a consistent shape and size.

Plant manager for SamGreen, K.S Soh explained how the feed material came from all over Singapore.

“The debris we recycle is delivered from numerous demolition and construction sites throughout Singapore and would be 80% cement based.

“We don’t include bricks or ceramic tiles in the feed material as this would decrease the structural integrity provided by our finished product,” he concluded.

The main product size produced at this early stage of the plant’s life is sub-base but plans are in place to expand this to a variety of sizes suitable for a variety of uses.

At present the recycled product can be combined with virgin aggregates and used in concrete mixes for non-structural applications. However, examples already exist in Asia where recycled aggregate concrete mixes have been successfully used structurally.

Despite some initial setbacks, most notably dust problems, SamGreen have persisted and with the assistance of Minrock and Metso have a fully operational and successful environmentally friendly recycling facility.

A facility that has proven that environmentally sustainable construction methods are not just a pipe dream and that such operations can be run successfully and safely.

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