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METSO Minerals has designed its high performance Trellex SQ-plates wear protection system for the minerals processing industry, with environmental considerations a priority.

Trellex SQ-plates play a vital role in reducing wear and noise in places such as chutes, hoppers, bins and transfer points.

The range has been developed to be the most versatile and high performing system available, as well as being environmentally-friendly at all stages of its long service life.

The plates are also very effective at reducing noise, which can often be a major problem in the sector. Use of SQ modules results in a 40% to 75% noise reduction compared to a traditional steel lining.

The Metso team scrutinised every step of the system's life from the raw production materials to eventual recycling, looking for ways to make the manufacturing, transport and use as eco-friendly as possible.

Tougher legislation had triggered the demand for components that could be readily separated for recycling. But this could not be at the expense of performance, and Metso Minerals has ensured that the Trellex SQ-plates retain the excellent wear protection of earlier systems.

Modules are available in rubber, polyeurathane and ceramic in a range of thicknesses. This choice allows for optimum performance in any situation, taking account of factors such as drop height, angle and the size of the pieces being moved.

The system is suitable for particle sizes up to 200mm and weights of 35kg, depending on the chosen application. Rubber is the best choice where impact is at 90° to the surface and it also has good resistance to sliding wear. Polyurethane - available in two hardnesses - is particularly recommended for sliding wear areas with fine and wet material. Ceramic provides unsurpassed

resistance to abrasive wear and is especially recommended for sliding wear areas and high velocity materials. Embedding the ceramic material in polyurethane reduces the impact problems that would usually be experienced.

A key feature of the Trellex SQ-plates system is the ease with which the different materials can be separated for recycling at the end of their long service life. There is no fabric or steel reinforcement in either the rubber or polyurethane modules.

This ease of separation also means that spot wear problems can be solved by simply replacing individual plates, thus extending the life of an installation. Special wear-indicator modules allow monitoring of the remaining thickness.

In developing the range, the first step for the Metso designers was to minimise the use of any potentially-harmful ingredients. In particular, Metso has been able to eliminate HA oils in their own mixed compounds

The manufacturing process has been set up to have minimal environmental impact, both internally and externally and the factory holds an ISO 14001 certificate. Great consideration has been taken regarding environmental/health and safety conditions at selection of PU-components and all emissions are kept well below limits by enclosing the production process.

There is a great emphasis on employee training, as well as protection through measures such as provision of lifting equipment, good ventilation and efficient noise reduction. Every detail was examined, leading to many other innovations in production such as the use of water based adhesives, a reduction in the use of solvents and the adoption of alkali degreasing agents.

The green thinking also extends to the transportation of the finished units. Careful choice of distribution centres makes shipping and delivery efficient. Keeping the weight of the packaged product down minimises the fuel needed for transportation.

Packaging is in straightforward wood and cardboard boxes - many of which are reused by customers. Each box contains enough modules and fittings to cover approximately six square metres.

The product's low weight also has benefits on site, as no lifting equipment is needed. A patented fastening system makes installation easy. Modules measure 300mm by 300mm and no electrical tools needed to trim them to shape - just a sharp knife.

Even the instruction manual is printed on recycled paper.

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