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METSO Automation has released DNAforesight, a new-generation web break management system.

The configurable, upgradeable system supports a variety of camera types, including digital, progressive scan, colour and thermal.

For capturing high-speed events, image update rates up to 120 frames per second are available. The imaging chain, including flicker-free, high intensity lights, application specific cameras, coaxial or fibre optic cabling, ensures optimal image quality.

With Wavelet Image Compression, the standard for medical X-ray imaging, retrieved break images are true to life.

Camera images are captured continuously in a dynamic image buffer with a buffering capacity that can be selected to suit the machine speed, length or configuration.

Images can be saved in the event database, triggered by a web break, the multi-zone event tracker (MET) function, a web inspection system (WIS) alarm, a reel turn-up, binary inputs, manual requests or other machine events though an OPC connection. A threading mode with a longer data storage interval is also available.

Break images can be digitally enhanced to show small details or pinpoint obscure faults. A "magic lens" feature allows papermakers to see a portion of the frame in more detail.

Recording can also be triggered by up to four multi-zone event tracker (MET) windows within each camera's view.

When a special tail-threading mode is activated, papermakers can see the web stability along the machine and problems with tail threading.

DNAforesight is open, linking to web inspection systems, mill information systems and, via OPC links, to external control systems. Web break incidents can therefore be associated with other changing process conditions so specific patterns of events can be defined.

DNAForesight also delivers online images to paper company engineers at their desktop computers and to Metso papermaking experts at remote diagnostic centres which support Metso's Future Care program.

With Metso's assistance, a web break reduction program can be implemented in any mill. It is a tailor-made program to improve paper machine performance by finding the causes of poor running and taking actions to proactively reduce web breaks.

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