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Fibre length measurement device

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METSO Automation ’s kajaaniFS300 is a third generation fibre length analyser for routine fibre length measurements.

Using developments from the FiberLab research laboratory analyser, greater accuracy is obtained with centreline length measurement for curled and kinked fibres. The table top instrument consists of the analyser with separate keyboard and display. An optional automatic carousel for up to six sample beakers is available.

The kajaaniFS300 can measure all cellulose fibres that polarise light including unscreened TMP and also cotton. Fibre length distributions, averages and curl index are calculated from individual fibre lengths measured with 10μ accuracy in the range of 0.01 to 7.6mm.

Arithmetic, length-weighted and weight-weighted averages can be calculated according to TAPPI (0.1 to 7.2mm) or ISO (0.2 to 7.0mm) conventions. Hardwood/softwood ratio for automatic wood species indication as well as average coarseness can be calculated.

Very little maintenance is required other than running a cleaning solution through the device at regular intervals. Accuracy is easily verified using standard length rayon fibres.

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