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Automated testing for the paper industry

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METSO Automation has introduced PaperLab Plus automated testing laboratory.

This new product extends the testing capabilities of the PaperLab product line to include container boards and other heavier weight packaging grades.

New calliper and microwave moisture modules measure materials from light papers to heavier boards. Also, a new short span compression test (SCT) has been introduced for container board applications.

Another new module measures total ash and ash components. This module can also measure coating weight. A new surface structure module measures compressibility and contact area, which are related to offset printing performance. Other testing modules have been redesigned from earlier versions for higher testing speed and repeatability.

A new sample strip template and feeder trays enable the automated measurement of pulp or paper furnish hand sheets. A motorised table top sample cutter prepares samples much faster and with better precision than manual cutters. The new quality test reporting system has more extensive capabilities.

PaperLab Plus maintains the compact, modular design of previous PaperLab generations. The industry's most compact measurement modules are easy and quick to add or change. Even the largest, Paperlab-24 ASF, fits comfortably into a typical testing laboratory.

Service of PaperLab Plus is supported by Metso Automation's worldwide organisation. By online connections, the performance of PaperLab can be remotely diagnosed so servicing advice can be given by a Metso Automation specialist anywhere in the world.

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