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A technological breakthrough in 3D Laser Scanning: The Handyscan3D

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article image Handyscan3D is the newest laser scanning technology

The Handyscan3D, distributed in Australia by Metronom Pacific Pty Ltd  is the newest laser scanning technology that gives the user the flexibility to scan objects under the harshest and most difficult conditions.

As the system uses a self-referencing technology the object as well as the scanner can be moved during the scanning process.

This characteristic permits access to all the surfaces of the object to be scanned. The Handyscan3D is a hand held device that is not linked to any coordinate measuring device like a CMM or a measuring arm.

It is, therefore, now possible to access surfaces in confined and hidden spaces. The Handyscan3D is connected with a single FireWire cable to the computer making it, a truly mobile and flexible scanning system, which opens a complete new range of possibilities and applications.      

The characteristics of the Hadyscan3D  

  • Accurate
  • Self-referencing
  • Fast process (scanning ® CAD Surface)
  • Truly portable (Including carry case less than 8kg)
  • Most cost effective laser scanning system in the market
  • High-definition camera
  • Generates directly STL files, which can be processed by the majority of surfacing and CAD software packages
  • The scanner weighs less than 1 kg
  • Ergonomic design
  • The scanning unit has a single cable connection to the PC

VXScan: the data acquisition software  

  • Easy to learn software
  • Plug-&-Play System
  • Real time 3D rendering
  • Generates automatically STL files
  • Mesh optimization
  • Sensor adjustment to the surface colour
  • Sensor auto-calibration Powerful surface optimisation algorithms
  • Microsoft Windows compatible
  • Plug-ins to surfacing software (e.g. Geomagic Studio or Geomagic Qualify)    


  • Reverse engineering
  • Design & manufacture
  • Modelling
  • Inspection
  • Measurement
  • Comparison against CAD models
  • Digital mock-up & simulation
  • Medical applications
  • Orthotics & prosthetics
  • Multimedia
  • Artistic applications      

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