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3D Creator 3-dimensional measuring system available from Metronom Pacific

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The 3D Creator is a wireless, 3-dimensional measuring system that measures points within a volume of space using infrared light technology. The user holds a wireless probe, or wand, and touches its measuring tip to points on an object to be measured. Alternatively, the wand tip can be scrolled over surfaces with data points sampled on a continuous basis.

The location of the wand tip is tracked by an infrared sensor array. The system then calculates the X, Y and Z coordinates of the tip, and pointing angles of the wand, using a sophisticated set of algorithms. The 3D Creator is capable of measuring a wide size range of parts.

The 3D Creator Digitising System is unconventional in two notable ways. The first of these is that it uses infrared light to track a measuring probe. This gives the system a far greater range than conventional arms, as well as good flexibility in measuring. The result is that larger objects can be measured easily, and measuring hard to reach areas is easier than conventional arms. The only restrictions on the system are that the probe must have a line of sight to the camera that is tracking it, and the system will not work in direct sunlight.

The second feature unique to the 3D Creator Digital Measuring System is that it is capable of working in conjunction with a Dynamic Reference Frame, or DRF.

A Dynamic Reference Frame performs two functions. First, it acts as a reference point, or origin in 3-dimensional space. This means that all measurements that the system’s measuring takes are made with respect to the location of the DRF. This in turn means that the object being measured can be moved during the measuring session (intentionally or non-intentionally), and the integrity of the data will remain intact. In order to fulfil this function, the DRF must be rigidly attached to the object being measured.

Alternatively, the camera that is tracing the measuring probe and the DRF can be moved around the object being digitised. In this instance, the user again obtains a single digital file of data of the entire object. When the DRF is used, it must also have a line-of-sight to the camera.

Accuracy (RMS):

25 µm (0.001”) for 100mm (4 inch) cube, good fitted sides
100 µm (0.004”) for length measurements within 1m (3 ft) cube
Object sizes up to 5m (15 ft) with reduced accuracy

The 3D Creator 3-dimensional measuring system is available from Metronom Pacific .

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