Metronom Pacific

Metronom Pacific specialises in workholding technology co-ordinated measuring, dimensional checking of components and CNC machinery.


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07/12/10 - HanyPROBE portable coordinate measuring machines are now available from Metronom Pacific, offering a completely portable probing system that is capable of processing many identical parts in rapid succession.
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02/05/07 - The Handyscan3D, distributed in Australia by Metronom Pacific Pty Ltd is the newest laser scanning technology that gives the user the flexibility to scan objects under the harshest and most difficult conditions.
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02/02/07 - The 3D Creator is a wireless, 3-dimensional measuring system that measures points within a volume of space using infrared light technology.
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20/09/05 - COORDINATE measuring machines (CMMs) play a crucial role in the quality assurance processes of modern manufacturing industries and it is important to verify its performance according to its nameplate accuracy. The tetronom now offers the possibility

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37 Railway Rd
VIC 3130
Tel: 03 9877 9644
Fax: 03 9894 1596

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3D-Creator ALUFIX Handyscan Tetronom

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