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VxWorks drivers for InfiniBand technology

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SBS Technologies, represented in Australia by Metromatics Pty Ltd , has delivered InfiniBand technology to the embedded computing world with the first set of VxWorks drivers for InfiniBand host channel adapters (HCAs).

IB4X-VXWORKS drivers enable the high data throughput, multi-drop capability and enhanced reliability that embedded application developers want and for which InfiniBand is noted.

Based on SBS Technologies’ Mirror API, a low-level application programming interface targeted specifically at real-time embedded applications, IB4X-VXWORKS is easy to use, therefore shortening application development time.

The VxWorks drivers are designed to Ready Driver specifications so that they work across SBS Technologies expansive range of single board computers (SBCs) including x86 and PowerPC SBCs, as well as SBCs from other vendors, with little porting effort.

InfiniBand technology is a serial switched fabric technology that has gained much respect and success in the enterprise for its high performance and scalability.

Now, with IB4X-VXWORKS, embedded developers working with a reliable RTOS like VxWorks can bring the same scalability and high-performance to their embedded solutions that enterprise developers now enjoy.

Designed to interconnect computing systems in the world of real time applications, InfiniBand technology, with data speeds up to 10Gb/s, adds a new level of performance for VxWorks-based applications.

Multiple systems can now achieve data throughput rates that were once only possible through proprietary point-to-point links.

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