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Verifier HR high-resolution x-ray system from Metromatics

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FocalSpot, Inc, a provider of advanced BGA/SMT inspection and rework solutions to the SMT electronic manufacturers industry has released Verifier-HR, FSX-090 a high-resolution x-ray system that handles large bare or populated PCB assemblies up to 16” x 18” or component packages down to 0201.

The Verifier-HR is a powerful (90KV) high-resolution (5-micron) and high-magnification (>650X) x-ray system designed for fast intuitive operation. Verifier-HR supports a broad range of inspection applications from detailed viewing of internal semiconductor interconnections (wire-bonds/die-attach) to general solder joint analysis and rework verification.

The system’s 5-micron sealed x-ray source and high-resolution 2/4 Image Intensifier provides superb image resolution, with greater than 650X magnification, making it ideally suited for inspection of BGA’s, CSP’s and flip-chip packages. The 90kV microfocus x-ray source provides more than enough power to penetrate challenging packages such as: Ceramic Column Grid Arrays, BGA with metal lids or heat sinks and devices with RF shielding.

The Verifier-HR is self-contained, and with a footprint of only 32”x 34” it can easily be moved (rolled) to where ever it is needed (i.e., production floor, prototype lab, rework area, etc.). Each system comes complete with image enhancement and defect analysis software, flat panel monitor, current Pentium computer running Windows XP and plugs into a standard 120VAC outlet.

Verifier-HR is available from Metromatics.

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