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Universal fixture for boundary scan boards

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GOEPEL Electronics has announced the world's first universal fixture specifically for boundary scan boards (IEEE Std 1149.1), the Scanplus board grabber.

It adds a solution for multifold applications to the existing range of Scanplus fixtures for standard bus systems such as PCI, PXI or PC card.

The board grabber was designed for the support of prototype verification and programming as well as for use at repair stations.

It provides a mount with adjustable width so that boards up to a size of 300 x 300mm can be accommodated.

The integrated pivoting mechanism allows access to both top and bottom sides of the board.

For boundary scan tests, a so-called BST signal access board is fixed to the pivoting mechanism.

It provides two complete TAPs, 32 PI channels as well as 5V and 3.3V auxiliary voltages. The signals are connected to the board either using the supplied clips or a prepared cable.

Optionally, nail probes can be fixed on the board grabber. They can be set to any position, and allow very reliable and easy to use signal contact at the smallest pads or directly at the pin on both top and bottom side.

The probes can be used for boundary scan applications as well as for connection to oscilloscopes, logic analysers or other measuring instruments.

The Scanplus board grabber is also available in a version for non-boundary scan applications. Metromatics 07 38684255.

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