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DEWETRON has announced the release of the DEWE-3010-32 and DEWE-3010-64, two new additions to the company's broad line of ultra portable data recorders.

The DEWE-3010 series is about the size of an ordinary briefcase, which combines an industrial-grade computer, A/D card and any assortment of Dewetron's own plug-in signal conditioners.

The system is completely ‘open architecture’, meaning any industry-standard software can be run for data acquisition, waveform analysis, and report generation.

The DEWE-3010-64 puts 64 channels into this small instrument, with 300kHz. The DEWE-3010-32 provides 32 channels, also at 300kHz.

The A/D board can be upgraded if desired to more than 1.25MHz sampling, or to 16-bit resolution. Both models feature 8 slots for plug-in DEWE-modules.

These modular signal conditioners provide from 1 to 8 channels each and are easily expanded. Popular DEWE-modules includes those for strain gauges, accelerometers, mV-V-kV signals, thermocouples, LVDTs, RTDs and many more.

The open-architecture design of the DEWE-3010 series means the CPU board, RAM, hard drive, A/D card and other standard components can be upgraded easily as technology advances.

The industrial PC built-in the DEWE-3010 series is available with Celeron or Intel (the latest models), 128MB RAM (standard), Internal CD drive, 8GB 100G rated 3.5" hard disk drive, a fast USB port, serial, parallel ports, 10BaseT ethernet built-in, and an SVGA output for driving external monitors.

The system has a very bright 12.1" 800 x 600 pixel flat panel display built-in as standard, with an optical touchscreen. Popular options also include internal ZIP drive, internal PCM-CIA port, and an additional flat panel display that mounts on glass or any other smooth surface.

All Dewetron products are built according to ISO-9001, ISO-140001 and bare the CE Mark. They meet MIL-STD-810C for shock and vibration. Metromatics 07 38684255.

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